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Hello, I am Mayana !

I am a passionate chef currently working in Bordeaux.

My love for cooking comes from my mother who gave me her passion and teached me all her tips and tricks. She wanted me to understand what makes cooking such a fun time

From a young age I have developed my passion for cooking through different experiences in gastronomic restaurants such as La Maison Kammerzell and L’Amuse Bouche in Strasbourg, France. Backpacking around the world for a year, I took cooking classes in every country I went; what better way to understand a culture than learning about its food and cooking techniques.  

Why Gourmet Story?​

It all began with a love story from a French girl for French food.
I imagined Gourmet Story based on the belief that cooking is all about sharing.
Gourmet Story is here for all the gourmets, the gastronomes, the entertainers. We are here to delight the epicurian inside you.

What Is My Culinary Style?

Authentic to define it in a word.
I began to cook because of my strong love for food itself.
Today, I really enjoyed recreating authentic and traditional French style cuisine, the one from our grandmothers, the one that has deeply shaped the name of French Cuisine.

What Inspires You?​

Everything and everyone !
In France we are well-known for our constant conversation around food. Some even says it is a national sport.
What better way to learn and nurture inspiration than everydays life ?


My Favourite Dish?

It is a difficult task to pick just one but I really enjoy (re)creating our staples, so I would say something like a tarte Tatin or any kind of fruit tart which is a delicate but really comforting dessert.
And everyone loves it !
I consider myself as a bold eater, I am in a constant hunt of new flavors and pairings but my madeleine de Proust is and will always be my nanny’s Bouchées à la Reine.

Bordeaux, my adoptive city

Strasbourg is my hometown, Bordeaux is my adopted city.
I love both for their strong culinary culture, and I choose Bordeaux for its lifestyle and everything that comes with it.
Southwest of France is characteristic for its wine and food culture, two more reasons for me to come here and immerge myself in its rich heritage.

What about the Future?

My projects ? Go on creating a lifestyle I love throught sharing my passion for cooking with whoever is curious to experience a French style adventure !

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