Meals Prep

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“For a day or a week, enjoy a delicious and healthy meal prepared for you”

How It Works


Choose how many meals you want

Do you want a one-day meal or for the whole week? How many people are you?


Broccoli Lover ?

You fancy something special or wish to ban an ingredient? Any allergie, special diet...?


Check the proposed menu

You will receive the menu for the meal(s). Ask us to change anything you want to suits perfectly your needs.


Receive your meal(s) prepared with love

Prepared directly to your place or delivered to you, enjoy your meal(s) prepared with love.

Prepared meals Bordeaux

Meals Prep.

The Meals Prep. are the perfect alternative for those who don’t have the time to cook but doesn’t want to eat take-away or industrial food.
You only have to warm it up or to do the final seasoning and it’s ready to eat, while being healthy and adapted to your diet, food allergies or preferiencies


Prepared Meals

Get your Meals Prep. now !

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